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Few words about the blog

Why minDefRag?

The name of this site - minDefRag comes from a play on words and stands for “mind defragmantation”. This phrase refers to a computer science term and means a state in which your brain is so overloaded by the information it’s incorporated that it is in need of a total cleanup, reorder.

That pretty much describes how I feel after spending few hours surfing the Web. Overwhelmed and trampled by the all-embracing Chaos. Because it’s how it feels like when you travel unguided. On the other hand, if you think of it as a vast library of minds - each bringing it’s knowledge, beliefs and emotions - soon you realize it just amazing.

After years of being passive spectator watching in awe the grow of the Internet I finally took courage to take part in it. I began creating my own websites and started sharing with community, not just taking. The more what I created gain popularity, the more I felt something was lacking in what I was doing. Surprisingly, the missing element was the main reason I start writing - the freedom of speech. I rapidly became the hostage of my own work. So I needed a fresh start. And that’s how minDefRag was created… and they all lived happily ever after. Nighty night.

Aim of this blog

As I’ve just said, I wanted to break the shackles by making a just-for-me website (a blog indeed) that won’t limit me in any way. So there won’t be any guaranteed topics covered and no schedule at all. However, as a reader that has the courtesy to visit my blog and read all-through the “about page” (not many people do this), you may expect to hear what to await here.

There is a reason this site has a tagline saying “linux for the rest of us “. There will be few key components this site could focus on:

  • technology, with Internet technology in particular, like:
    • web development
    • code learning
    • system tweaks, especially Linux-oriented
  • thoughts about contemporary society, human relations - especially with reference to recent brisk development of new technologies and how they affect us
  • my own personal thoughts and feelings - just as you can expect from a blog (surprised?)
  • stories or poems that in other circumstances would have been put to a drawer


I’m just a humble Internet user fascinated by the vastness of countless possibilities it gives to a human. I would like to foster tradition of being anonymous in the Web (remember those good ol’ days folks?) - or at least anonymous to some extent. The lone wanderer that has came across my blog shall rely solely on what and how I write. By doing this I may focus on what really matters: the content.

However, there is one thing I should mention in advance (I guess you’d already have guessed) - I’m not a native English speaker, so reader’s understanding would be appreciated. Also, I won’t get offended if you correct me.

I hope you will like what I write. If you find my words inspiring, please do not hesitate to contact me. Here you have some links to stay in touch: