List of posts published in 2018:

Shrink LVM root partition without booting to LiveCD
There are many tutorials explaining how to enlarge a working root partition installed on LVM. Shrinking, however, it's another deal. If it's a VM that you resize, it's not a big problem. But what if you want to resize the host OS itself? That what happened to me lately and I share here my solution to the problem.
Simple script to create backups from LVM snapshots
Below I present a smiple script that automates the process of making a backup using the power of LVM. Provided that you have your root on LVM partition you can then make a live backup on your working system with zero down-time.
How to install and configure Gitea a self-hosted Github-like service.
The real challenge is not installing it, but configuring it properly. The official documentation is lacking some key components - in particular regarding configuring reversed proxy in webserver. Below I share my experience and configuration that lead me to having working Gitea installation.
How to setup Python environment and install pip modules?
Finding the proper way of installing, upgrading and using python-pip seems to be a daunting task as many packages are not backward-compatible. Below I present common practices about how to set up Python environment and mention about old, deprecated solutions that you may still hear about.
Installing ncdu 1.13 with colors on Debian 8 "jessie"
Ncdu is a CLI disk usage analyzer that shows what directories / files occupy the most disk space and then show a nice ncurses graph to visualize it. Quite recently it acquired an option to output colored version. As always with Debian, months or years will pass until it’ll reach upstream repos and even then there will be little chance(...)
Move Jekyll from shared hosting to Netlify
Deploy your Jekyll webpage with Netlify. Get CDN, Continuous deployment, One click dead simple Let's Encrypt HTTPS, and all the services you need. Set it and forget it!
Use Amazon AWS S3 or Digital Ocean's object storage to store media files
Having used Jekyll as the blog engine I decided to store my entire web page in the git repository. This lets me fiddle with design and writing drafts, but what about big files? Pushing images to git repo is not a desired solution. Instead, try to store it elsewhere. Like in AWS S3 / Digital Ocean object storage space.