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Shrink LVM root partition without booting to LiveCD
There are many tutorials explaining how to enlarge a working root partition installed on LVM. Shrinking, however, it's another deal. If it's a VM that you resize, it's not a big problem. But what if you want to resize the host OS itself? That what happened to me lately and I share here my solution to the problem.
How to install and configure Gitea a self-hosted Github-like service.
The real challenge is not installing it, but configuring it properly. The official documentation is lacking some key components - in particular regarding configuring reversed proxy in webserver. Below I share my experience and configuration that lead me to having working Gitea installation.
A simple bash script to automatically suspend idle home server to save electricity
The script measures an in/outbound network traffic and logs in given intervals. If the amount of data sent from the server don't exceeds a set limit, the server suspends itself. It's a very useful script intended to use in home servers that are not meant to be turned on constantly.