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It's hard to make progress in this world
You spend the first 20-something years of your life musing about how you'll use the rest that are left. If you are lucky, you hit on an idea. Then you spend next decade on actual learning the skills you will need to achieve your goal. Oh, by the way - there is life. Your private life.
Reasons why I think you should leave facebook and start blogging (or shouldn't)
Blogging is not for everyone, but those who write abundant facebook posts or in-depth comments may consider making their own website. Here I discuss pros and cons of it encouraging everyone who has something interesting to say to start publishing, for the benefit of both author and potential readers.
Please do not answer 'Just Google it, dude!'. Never.
Have you ever tried to google for advice? Have you then crashed over the answer 'Just google it!'? Of course, with proper commitment and time invested you will finally find it. But it could have been a waaay easier if only people had taken one simple advice...