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Move Jekyll from shared hosting to Netlify
Deploy your Jekyll webpage with Netlify. Get CDN, Continuous deployment, One click dead simple Let's Encrypt HTTPS, and all the services you need. Set it and forget it!
Use Amazon AWS S3 or Digital Ocean's object storage to store media files
Having used Jekyll as the blog engine I decided to store my entire web page in the git repository. This lets me fiddle with design and writing drafts, but what about big files? Pushing images to git repo is not a desired solution. Instead, try to store it elsewhere. Like in AWS S3 / Digital Ocean object storage space.
Simple automatic PHP image gallery with Bootstrap, SASS and Lightbox integration
This is a simple PHP script that scans the content of a directory for photos and automatically generates a image gallery. Exif data is read and put into photo's captions. Thumbnails are allocated in Bootstrap responsive, scalable grid. Images can be smoothly previewed thanks to lightbox javascript. CSS stylesheet is generated from SASS .scss for faster development.